How we plan to keep you safe in the studio

Private bathroom in the photo and video studio

Self access

We have a studio that is accessible without meeting a single member of staff. With a combination and key safe system. 

2 way cameras

You may be in the studio alone or with a small team but we are always online to help, we have a 2 way camera system throughout the studio so we can see you and help you even talk to you through the camera if you need. You can always call for support or text too. 

Hand washing facilities

Within the studio you have your own private bathroom where you and your team can wash your hands throughout the day, as well as a sink in the kitchenette upstairs. 

Organic paraben free liquid soap is used throughout the space. 

Small teams

We are only accepting small teams on set at the moment (5 or less) to be sure you have enough space at all times, we also have a green room you can book to give you more space if you really need to be on set meaning you could have upto 10 team members. 

Arrive by car or bike

With every booking you get 1 free car parking space, if more of your team would like to arrive by car we have permits for parking in the road at £10 per permit. We also have plenty of space in the courtyard if you wish to arrive by bicycle.  

Deep cleaning and 72hrs between bookings

We have always prided ourselves with our cleanliness,  so we will be maintaining our high standards. But we will also be leaving surface cleaning products out very visibly so our clients can clean surfaces throughout the booking as much as they'd like to feel comfortable. 

We are also leaving a 72hr break between bookings to ensure no virus could be left behind.